We are a Film Scoring and music Production Company specialized in composing, licensing and furnishing music for use in Films, TV, Video Games, Advertising and other media outlets. As a result we dedicate ourselves to become a leader in the ever-expanding global market of film music. And we want to do it with the strong belief that we will transform the landscape, not just blend in.

Our philosophy goes a little bit like this: "Whenever a story is being unveiled, we believe that it is the music in the background that connects it even further with the audience. So I guess you could say that our studio is not only about excellent music, it's also about adding passion for sound, picture and movement into any story."

What you have experienced so far is only the beginning.

A part of us that welcomes you and kindly invites you to adventure further into our work.

Go on, find everything you came here for and don't forget to browse through our music samples and portfolio!

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Ciprian Iacob


Creative Director & Composer

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Alexandru Marcu


Business & Vision Manager

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Ioan Titu


Music Composer & Sound Designer

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Francisc Simon


Marketing and Business Development

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Alexandru Istrate


Recording, Mixing & Mastering Engineer

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Ioana Șelaru



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ScoreKraft furnishes a variety of equipment and services, each one filling a niche with its specific requirements and standards, as well as growth potential:

  • Production facilities providing the framework for the highest blend of film and scoring and post-production – Recording, Arranging, Orchestrating, MIDI programming, Professional Mixing and Mastering
  • Breeding place for sustainable artistic expressivity, channeled the experience that we are able to supply to the market
  • Cultural hub focused on rallying local talents and providing them unique opportunities to work alongside filmmakers and future film industry workers [film industry brands], as well as presenting them with the right tools to do the job at the highest standards.
  • Remote sessions with artists, producers, directors and even that advance autonomy and mobility for partners and collaborators to hold the understanding and ability to carry any project, regardless of the size, to successful fulfillment.
  • Unlimited access to key software and hardware products such industry standard sequencing platforms - Apple’s Logic Pro X, Cubase - professional scoring software - Sibelius, Finale - and a wide array of licensed digital sample libraries such as Native's licensed Komplete 10 Ultimate, operated on mandatory hardware resources - Mac Pro, Komplete Control, M-audio Axiom Pro/Fast Track Ultra


You can visit us at:

The Manasia Hub

13 Str. Stelea Spătarul, Bucharest, Romania

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